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Authentic Miles Morales Spiderman Zentai Costume

  • Model: 30412
  • Shipping Weight: 500g
Price: $65.00 (USD)
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Product Detail

This spandex miles morales spiderman suit goes with 3D muscle shade and honeycomb pattern.Note:lenses aren't included.
Order Order processing time:3-6 working days.Please refer to our size chart to choose a standard size or fill in your detailed measurements.
size chart
Male Size Chart     Notes:please put in your measurements if your size does not match any standard size
Height 5'1-5'5 5'5-5'7 5'7-5'9 5'9-5'11 5'11-6'1 6'1-6'3
Chest 32"-34" 33"-35.5" 34"-38" 34"-39" 34.5"-40" 36"-42"
Waist 25"-28" 27"-31"  27.5"-31.5"  28"-32" 30"-34" 31.5"-35.5"
Hips 31"-35" 32"-36"  33"-38"  34"-39" 36"-40" 38.5"-42.5"
Female Size Chart
Standard Size S M L XL XXL
Height 4'11-5'1 5'1-5'5 5'5-5'7 5'7-5'9 5'9-5'11
Bust 31"-33" 32"-34" 33"-35.5" 34"-38" 34"-39"
Waist 23.5"-27" 25"-28" 25.5"-29" 26"-29.5" 26.5"-30"
Hips 30"-33.5" 31"-35" 32"-36" 33"-38" 34"-39"
Please illuminate your detailed size requirement in the order
3.Head Size
4.Neck Size
5.Bust Size
6.Waist Size
7.Hip Size
8.Thigh Size
9.Ankle Size
10.Shoulder Width
13.Wrist Size
14.Leg Length
15.Foot Length
16.Torso Length


  • Date Added: 08/02/2019 by Michelle De La Vega
    The shipping was quick (a week and a half to the US) The colors on the suit are very bright and the ...

  • Date Added: 08/20/2018 by Victor Castanon
    I honestly love this costume alot!!! As a Miles Morales Fan this is a nice costume to wear!!! Zentai...

  • Date Added: 08/08/2018 by Rotimi Adelakun
    Definitely recommend, loved the suit. Very comfortable and the quality is great! Just don't bother g...
  • Date Added: 07/10/2018 by Adriana Hernández
    I love it! It is just perfect! And arrive in 4 days THANKS

  • Date Added: 07/10/2018 by Adriana Hernández
    This suit is amazing! It is very comfortable to wear. I am sure that I will buy here again! Thank...


Q:On the Miles Morales Spider-Man costume, does it come with printed lense or eyepieces or is it blank if you dont click the "add lense" option?
A:if yo do not choose attach lenses,the mask will be blank(with webs only).
1,what is the difference between the fabrics?
the default fabrics are upgraded thick lycra fabrics that are elastic,shiny and durable.Compared with upgraded thick fabrics, super lycra fabrics are more durable,thicker and more comforable to wear. 

Product Detail

U zipper back :
Detached mask:mask is separate from the costume
Open eyes:
Mask invisible zipper:it can go with U zipper option
Forearm zippers:
Extra mask:separate from the costume and it does not come without any options
Neck invisible zipper:it can go with detached mask option
Soles:black rubber soles to the bottom of the suit
Crotch zipper:
Spiderman mask without choosing attached lenses:
Puff Painting Webs only.It costs extra 20 working days.
Screen Printed Emblems Can't Go With Back Zip.

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