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Civil War Iron PS4 Insomniac Spiderman lenses

  • Model: 30457
  • Shipping Weight: 150g
$25.00 (USD)

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Product Detail

Want to see out clearly and do not want others to see your eyes?Glue the cool lenses on your mask.The lenses are made from soft plastic materials that are very durable.Fog-free lenses and average size.
size chart
Male Size Chart     Notes:please put in your measurements if your size does not match any standard size
Height 5'1-5'5 5'5-5'7 5'7-5'9 5'9-5'11 5'11-6'1 6'1-6'3
Chest 32"-34" 33"-35.5" 34"-38" 34"-39" 34.5"-40" 36"-42"
Waist 25"-28" 27"-31"  27.5"-31.5"  28"-32" 30"-34" 31.5"-35.5"
Hips 31"-35" 32"-36"  33"-38"  34"-39" 36"-40" 38.5"-42.5"
Female Size Chart
Standard Size S M L XL XXL
Height 4'11-5'1 5'1-5'5 5'5-5'7 5'7-5'9 5'9-5'11
Bust 31"-33" 32"-34" 33"-35.5" 34"-38" 34"-39"
Waist 23.5"-27" 25"-28" 25.5"-29" 26"-29.5" 26.5"-30"
Hips 30"-33.5" 31"-35" 32"-36" 33"-38" 34"-39"
Please illuminate your detailed size requirement in the order
3.Head Size
4.Neck Size
5.Bust Size
6.Waist Size
7.Hip Size
8.Thigh Size
9.Ankle Size
10.Shoulder Width
13.Wrist Size
14.Leg Length
15.Foot Length
16.Torso Length


  • Date Added: 11/02/2020 by Adrian Ramirez
    The lenses are great they are rubber and have this mesh that doesn't need plastic so it never fogs i...

  • Date Added: 12/24/2018 by Joshua neuman
    I bought these lenses for a friend for their homecoming spidey cosplay and they love them, the fog f...
  • Date Added: 12/24/2016 by ali oday
    I really loved this lenses they are high qualified I have full visibility good job zentai keep it up...

  • Date Added: 12/24/2016 by ali oday
    This lenses were awesome I really love it on my ultimate spiderman mask it's visibility I prefer tho...

  • Date Added: 07/15/2016 by Edward Lee
    "Hey everyone!" Got these lenses to go with my Civil War Spidey outfit, they look great! They fog u...



Product Detail

U zipper back :
Detached mask:mask is separate from the costume
Open eyes:
Mask invisible zipper:it can go with U zipper option
Forearm zippers:
Extra mask:separate from the costume and it does not come without any options
Neck invisible zipper:it can go with detached mask option
Soles:black rubber soles to the bottom of the suit
Crotch zipper:
Spiderman mask without choosing attached lenses:
Puff Painting Webs only.It costs extra 20 working days.
Screen Printed Emblems Can't Go With Back Zip.

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