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Deep Blue Unicolor Spandex Unisex Zentai Suit
[20115] $33.00

The suit itself is made of a very nice, heavy fabric that feels like high quality lycra. I custom ordered it with a female crotch zipper moved four inches down and
toes. The crotch zipper came out perfectly, it works for my friend. I kind of wish it was a two way zipper because you have to unzip it completely every time to access the butt area. The toes are good too but my friend is very skinny so they're just a tad baggy, which was unforeseen.

Because of my friend's dimensions, we custom fitted the suit. While all of the measurements were generally spot on, the legs are cut slightly too wide. He has skinny legs so the shins appeared to be slightly baggy and not form fitting. Also the feet and toes are cut slightly wide, so they don't fit his feet entirely. While this isn't a huge concern, next time I'll be sure to change the sizing measurements on the suit accordingly.

While the suit has been great, some of the stitching has come open both in the back part between where the back zipper ends and the crotch zipper begins. Also, one time after washing, the stitching on the thumb came loose. While this was an easy repair, both stitchings came almost entirely loose after one wash.
Date Added: 05/29/2017 by Stefan Acosta

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