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  • Black Silk Unisex Zentai Suit [20495]
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Black Silk Unisex Zentai Suit
[20495] $56.00

The fabric of the black silk zentai is a soft, durable but slightly stiff silk Lycra; featuring a sparkling sheen given by a metallic coating. I found the different fabric set this zentai apart from Lycra zentai, giving it both fascinating color and appearance. I ordered it with the “Lateral seamless” option, and remain impressed by the excellent quality of the stitching; it’s not only very strong but nearly seamless and unobtrusive. There are only two issues of note with this product, the silk lycra fabric used is less stretchy than normal Lycra (be sure to order it with custom measurements), and the metallic coating like all metallic coatings will not last forever. The Black Silk zentai is both an outstanding suit and a great deal at only $37.

By Kristian
Date Added: 12/27/2014 by Kristian Francke

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